Review of POGO! Blackberry Sweet Potato & Chia Wrap

September 14, 2020

Come on bring your friends, it’s adventure time!

Today I couldn’t say no to trying this strange thing that seems like a healthy take on the quintessential Poptart (TMTMTMTMTM). Not that blackberries, sweet potatoes, and chia seeds sound particularly appetizing as a combination, but I do like blackberries, I like to have chia seeds in my oatmeal, and I tolerate sweet potatoes.

This was found in the frozen section of my local 99 cent store. There are a few ways to prepare this:

  • Thaw for an hour
  • Microwave for 40 seconds
  • Cook in toaster oven for 7 minutes at 350 degrees F

I choose to stick in my toaster (not toaster “oven”) on the defrost setting at level “4”. In retrospect, this might have been a little too much because the thing came out a little blackened.

So it looks quite nice, but does it TASTE just as good? The answer is…no. Well, at least compared to Poptarts (TMTMTMTTMMTMMTTMTMmmmm). It’s very bland. However, the texture is fantastic. The sweet potato crust is toasty and cakey and overall quite surprisingly nice. The blackberry filling with chia seeds adds a nice crunch.

Overall, I would not buy this again, but this does get points for being:

  • Plant based
  • Convenient

If you swapped the filling out with a savory garlic sumpin sumpin, I think we’d have a deal though…maybe I should write a letter to Sweet Earth, hahaha.

As of writing this post on September 21, 2020, there are still plenty of these at my local 99 cent store. Try em out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Here’s the website for Sweet Earth, specifically the page for this flavor:


The brand has a bunch of different other plant-based products they make and sell — if you don’t mind paying a higher price, try them from your local grocery store:

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