Mastering the Preparation of Bolle brown sugar boba

I’ve bought this boba multiple times and it has faithfully given me better results than any other store bought boba has. However, I still manage to get inconsistent results.

Yesterday, however, I think I whipped up THE best batch of it TO DATE. And it was a combination of not wanting to waste old brown sugar I found in my cupboard and also my inability to set a timer.

I always seem to forget to use a really big pot of water, so this time I grabbed a very large stock pot and got it about 80% full of filtered water and got to getting it a-boilin’.

First deviation from package directions: I added a large chunk of solidified brown sugar that had hardened like all packages of brown sugar eventually do with age in my cupboard that I had found whilst cleaning. It was about 1 heaping cup. It added a very lovely flavor to the end product.

I boiled the boba at a rolling boil while stirring often for the instructed 20 minutes. I didn’t use a low boil because my stove top doesn’t seem to do a simmer very well and I figured a rolling boil is better than no boil.

Then I turned off the heat, put the cover on, and let it sit. It’s suppose to sit for 25 minutes. That’s when I set a verbal timer on my Alexa and she didn’t do it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can only guess that I checked on it after about 45 minutes because I wasn’t looking at the clock and I was doing all kinds of house chores while waiting.

Afraid that my pot of boba had turned to mush, I was pleasantly surprised to find the boba had the most delectably soft texture with no crumbliness that could handle being in a glass of ice cold beverage and still maintain great brown sugar flavor and soft deep chew. It was my perfect boba. I took the rest of the chunky brown sugar and put it in a sauce pot with equal parts water and simmered it until slightly thickened. I tried to let it cool as much as I could afford to be patient, then poured the rinsed boba in the pot and let it sit for a while. I did end up pouring about a cup of reserved boba cooking liquid to dilute the final boba and syrup mixture.

My next discovery will be whether these froze well. I placed them in glass storage containers with ample watery syrup to warm in the microwave for later enjoyment. We’ll see how they hold up!

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Bolle Boba

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