Don’t throw away your green onion ends!

Some people seemed to like the “Don’t throw away your rotisserie chicken” article, so here’s another one (I got these for days folks). Today I present to you a way to DOUBLE green onions. Yes, buy one get one…every time!

When you buy your bunch of green onion, leave the rubber band on the white rooty end and chop off the green parts and use as you desire. Get a container (I used an old sour cream container, any yogurt container, small glass jar or whatever will be perfect), fill it with just enough water to cover about half of the nubs, and stick it on a window sill. Change the water every day. In a few days, mother nature will present to you a whole new bunch of green onions ready for your favorite soups, salads, stir fries, or dips!

My favorite way to use green onions is in ramen and to make salads more savory! What is your favorite way to use green onions?

Fact drop: did you know that in Chinese, green onion is just called “onion”? And the onions Americans are more familiar with (i.e. big round bulbs like yellow onions) are called “foreign onions” (very roughly translated)? The world of the common American grocery store is actually quite small!

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