Review of Sambazon Açaí Bites

September 23, 2020

In the vast lands of small towns all over the United States, Sambazon products in grocery stores were the first exposures people had to the word açaí and also the trend of açaí bowls. Açaí berries grow on palm trees and Sambazon initiated mass production of these in Brazil. The American açaí trend was driven by its content of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and protein. You can imagine how surprised I was to find this normally fancy schmancy brand in the frozen section of the 99 cent store.

But I just said Açaí berries have a ton of nutrients, right? …Right? If you look at the nutrition facts, where’s the protein? Where’s the vitamins? Minerals?

Girl, I don’t know. There’s fat, but at most, it’s 1.5 grams of omega fatty acids (assuming it accounts for the unsaturated fat).

I mean, there’s only 60 calories per bite, which is apparently mostly from fats and carbs. Meh, it’s from natural sources and not high fructose corn syrup or whatever.

The bite itself is only about the size of a dismembered thumb and it feels like an unfairly small serving size. The dessert itself tastes QUITE good though. The outside is a hard chocolate shell (like that turtle shell chocolate stuff you put on ice cream) and the inside is a soft, quick-to-melt sorbet. I barely made taking the pictures before the inside was melted, but I noticed the outside remained stable. The chocolate shell also tasted a bit waxy (probably the coconut oil) likely imparting the stability to the shell at warmer temperatures.

This tastes SO good that restraining yourself to one might be difficult. My fiance tried one and his eyes lit up immediately. We find ourselves staring into the freezer, scratching our bellies and looking for more.

See more about Sambazon products here.

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