Review of Young’s Flipper Dippers

September 23, 2020

I have a few confessions: I hate reality shows, but I love food shows. Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is both. And as such, it is both horrendous and attention gripping. I tell myself, “I can’t watch this, this is stupid” I walk away and then I peak around the corner again because I want to know what happened. It’s the worst relationship.

Which brings me to my next adventure, 99 cent store fish nuggies. With Gordon Ramsey’s British accent muttering in my head and delusions of a delectable fish and chips experience, I popped this in my basket.

It hits some quite attractive marks:

  • It’s sustainable pollock
  • The ingredients are astoundingly simple and natural
  • It’s legit from the UK (bruh!)
  • Everybody could probably eat more fish in their diet! Collective yay for omega fatty acids!

But! Let’s take a look at the macros:

  • 525 calories for the whole box, which is calculated at 10.5 pieces (what? wait what? how? Just WHY on earth could you not just pick either 10 or 11, why 10.5? Was that really necessary?)
  • 24.5 grams of fat! (Wow how?)
  • 66.5 grams of carbs with 3.5 grams of fiber
  • 21 grams of protein

This is not a great ratio, for sure. So I hope they taste worth the subpar nutrition.

…And they don’t, sorry. At least not when eaten without sauce, which to be fair, the outer box advertised it is dipped then eaten. But really, with all those calories and fats and carbs already, it is SO much to ask for SOME flavor to allow it to contend on its own a little?

The outside gets a little crunchy but not enough to balance the inside, which is pretty much mashed potatoes blended with fish with no salt.

Overall, I won’t be buying this again, but it still might be a great easy snack for kids who love dipping stuff in sauces, who need to eat more fish, and who don’t need to be eating a ton of sodium.

Visit Young’s website about their sustainable fish products.

Want to try something more flavorful, healthy, and in fun nugget form? Check out my review of Dr. Praeger’s (insert future link here)!

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